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Quick Repair

With our top quality repair services, going from a broken down car to a brand new machine is just a call away. Get the best support for your car and get it back to not only the condition it was in, but much better, only for a fraction of the market price!

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I love fast cars... and to go too fast in them.

Chloe Modroc
This second time using chemsley wood service centre last year I serviced my bmw 1 series trouble free I was quite pleased with professionalism, and customers satisfaction staff were welcoming very friendly they picked up my car in the morning instead of doing full service on my car they went to clear the dpf and managed to get deal for one my rear flat runner tyres. Cost wise was nothing compared to other dealer. This I took my car to be checked out something to do with glow plugs Wasn't charged the investigation fees ....the team is doing a good job. Well-done

The cars we drive say a lot about us.

Greg Worthpenny
Really good service. Came out on a cold Sunday evening and found the problem with the car. When the problem miraculously fixed itself there was no trying to talk me into doing the work like most mechanics do. Also very friendly

Take it easy driving– the life you save may be mine.

Chris Anderson
Top spanner man, highly recommended. Had a brake problem on a Saturday evening and needed my car for commuting on Monday. Came out on Sunday and fixed the problem. Was impressed with the quality of service provided. Will definitely use again.



We diagnose what’s wrong with your car through a diagnostic process and analyze the problem that needs repairing.

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We analyze the problem that needs repairing..


We provide numerous services for your car after doing the diagnostic and work on the parts that needs repairs and change.

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Multiple Service’s are offered.

Customer Experience

Once your car has been serviced and the problem is resolved, we give you a chance to have a go on your newly repaired car.

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Share your drive experience afterwards.


If your car’s paint is looking dingy and faded or you’re just looking for a change of color, a The Mechanic car paint job could save you thousands of dollars

Oil Change

There are many choices when it comes to picking the appropriate oil for your car’s engine. Our guide breaks down your choices to help you in the quest to change your oil.


The job of a car’s transmission is to make sure that the right amount of power goes to your wheels to drive at a given speed.


“Think of the surface of your car as you would your face,Detailing a car requires going way beyond the usual vacuum and wash job. It means paying attention to the tiny details that add up to make the car look show-worthy”


It seems very common, but ignoring your tires is can become a major safety issue. Why? Because tires are your car’s only contact to the road.

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